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"I met my wife at a Star Trek convention. She was study abroad from France and spoke little English, and I didn’t know a lick of French. So, for the first few months of our relationship, we communicated by speaking Klingon."

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Okay I’m not even a Star Trek fan but that’s beautiful.

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dumbshit that grins at me during sleep paralysis


Shattuckite, Dioptase, Chrysocolla; Tantara Mine, Katanga, Congo-Kinshasa


Mutant and Proud


Yay for Lofam3 finally coming out!! I haven’t been able to listen to the whole album yet but I know all the music is amazing. I was also overjoyed to be given the chance to do these pieces for Forest Fire (top) and 720413 (bottom).

5 Common Story Problems with Simple Fixes


Our stories are often plagued with these common story problems, but if we don’t know how to fix them, we’ll never improve our writing. It’s important that you remember you don’t need to scrap your novel if you keep having the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this…


Happy 413 to you big sis O w <, I was fun drawing them (I’m so sorry I’m late ; A ; )

I made a pixel drawing because you always enjoy pixel right ^ w ^

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These are a pair of onesies. For infants. One reads “i’m just a cupcake looking for my stud muffin” and the other reads “girls dig chubby guys”. Heteros really need to stop trying to force their lifestyle on children.

People are really creepy about pushing heterosexuality on babies in general. Like “oh, he loves to smile at girls, he’s such a flirt” and “What a pretty little girl; your daddy is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick”

Like can you not even wait for your infants to gain control of their neck muscles before you start pushing your sexual preferences on them?

oh my gosh this this this this this

so much

it makes me so uncomfortable

OMG yes, so creepy. People are already gendering/sexualizing my fetus. Creeps my shit out.

NO BUT YOU GUYS. The same people who bought my son a “stud” bib and a onsie alluding to an erection/boobs threw a fucking fit when I put milo in a my little pony top that I was forcing homosexuality on him.


What also concerns me is that people are putting clothing articles on their infants that allude to sexual things.

^ And that’s the most worrying and terrifying thing.

and while they’re sexualizing their children, when puberty hits and actual real natural sexual feelings do arise, they’re going to police the kid’s junk so hard that they grow up afraid of sex and seeing it as taboo and doing it all wrong full of anxiety and shame for no fucking reason





the speech impediment of the 21st century (by Marc Johns)

I’ll fuck you up buddy this is not a speech impediment it’s linguistic evolution!! the existence of the phrase “Aisha was like” allows the speaker to convey whatever Aisha said without making the listener assume they’re quoting Aisha directly while still maintaining the FEELING of what Aisha said.

ie, Aisha said she didn’t want to go out with me VERSUS Aisha was like, “I’d rather kiss a Wookie”.

the addition of “XYZ was like” lets the speaker be more expressive and efficient and it is a totally valid method of communicating information!!

With the way language has evolved, this is one of the few ways I can even think of to express in casual conversation what someone said. 

"So I said to Aisha," is certainly used, but if you remove the "so," which implies casual tone ("and" can be used in the same way), you get

"I said to Aisha," which is really formal in most English dialects/variations. I don’t know about all, but in New England dialects, you sound like you’re reading aloud from a novel.

"I told Aisha," is really only used when you continue to describe, not tell, what you told her. Ex: "I told Aisha that James was too punk for her" works while, "I told Aisha, ‘James is too punk for you’" crosses the line back into formalness of the "I said."

Things like “I asked” or “I answered [with]” are similar levels of casual and efficient to the “So, I said [or say, as many conversations about the past take place in present tense anyway, as if the speaker is giving a play-by-play in the moment]” but are specific to only certain situations. 

"I was like, 'Marc Johns, what is your obsession with restoring archaic speech patterns and interfering with the natural progression of English from complex to efficient?'" envelopes all of these easily and is accessible and crisp, and allows for more variations on inflection than the others.

Of course, James is probably like, “I already fucking said that.” But eh, I tried adding on.

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